Our top 3 picks from Houzz's list of 2017 Design Trends...


We ususally don't like using the word 'trend' to describe sound design choices, but for the sake of ease and commonality we will here. We often think of trends as coming and going, especially in the world of fashion. As for home furnishings and interior design, for the sake of  'not breaking the bank', we'd like to see these trends stay around a little longer than a season or two.  


In the world of home furnishings and interior design, trends can be somewhat elusive in the sense that they are not so easily interpreted. For instance a popular fashion trend of metallic shoes and handbags, or ethnic prints and retro t-shirts, are wardrobe statements we can use in our interiors as well.


With the guidance of a well trained eye, subtle uses of fashion trends translate well as pillows, throws, artwork, and maybe small upholstered pieces, such as an accent chair or ottoman. An honest and knowledgeable designer will NOT recommend outfitting your entire living room with metallic upholstery or an over use of prints and patterns.  Often, trends transition into iconic pieces that become classics. Again, a well trained eye and wise counsel can lead you to a trend that may be here to stay, or at least here for more than a few seasons... hopefully, much longer than that. 



Here are our top 3 design picks for 2017:


     1.  Comfort zones are needed more and more in our hectic lifestyles. Comfortable spaces for family gatherings, computer 

          work or a cozy reading nook are becoming a necessity. 

     2.  Mix and match metals will create more interesting spaces, as opposed to the singular look of just one metal. 

     3.  Contrast is coming to an end. Textures and finishes in one tone such as white will dominate. No black on white. 



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